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Curbs and road debris can scratch and scrape your alloy wheels and alloy rims. If left un-refinished, this can lead to degradation and corrosion. Reconditioning is a total refinishing and repair of damaged that have been scratched, scraped, and have peeling paint. The alloy rims are removed from your car, prepared, repaired, primed and painted, and clear coated. We use paint adhesion technology and only use OEM-approved pain to color match every wheel. All reconditioned and refinished wheels will have a like-new condition. Guaranteed!

During our wheel reconditioning process, our highly specialized team will inspect every aspect of the wheel for imperfections.  Once we have identified all areas requiring improvements, we strip the old finish, straighten the wheel if requried, weld/fill areas, and sand the entire wheel for a smooth finish. The final step is matching the original color and finish.

Our digital wheel lathe capabilities allow us to resurface your machined wheels with OEM factory appearance specifications. We also apply a specialty coating over machined wheels to make the finished product brilliant and durable.

Let Us Do All The Dirty Work

Simply drop off your wheels and before you know it, they”ll be looking as good as new!