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Chrome Plating

Two Types of Chrome Plating To Meet Your Needs

Best Wheel Repair can chrome your wheels for the firs time and also re-chrome any wheels. We offer two different types of chrome plating options to the general public. 

Traditional Chrome Plating

Traditional Chrome Plating requires putting a thin layer of chromium on an aluminum wheel. This offers an extensively mirrored and shiny look and feel that no other plating or coating can match. The main benefit of chrome plating is the wheels become highly resistant to corrosion and rust. This makes them able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The chrome plating also makes the wheels much harder and durable than steel wheels or aluminum alloy. Pictured on the right.

1. The wheel is stripped.
4. Copper plating is polished
2. The wheel is sanded and polished
5. The wheel is nickel plated
3. Wheel is copper plated.
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6. Finished with electro chrome plating

Physical Vapor Desposition (PVD)

It was originally designed for the aerospace industry but has become popular in the automotive industry due to its benefits. PVD chrome is highly durable and it outlasts the life of regular chrome plating. If damaged, PVD chrome wheels can be easily and inexpensively redone. PVD chrome is 80% lighter than than traditional chrome; while, being 100% environmentally friendly. This is because no hazardous materials are used and no hazardous waste is produced. PVD chrome is offered in chrome silver, black, and midnight black.

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