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Complete Wheel Repair & Remanufacturing

Fast, Friendly, and Affordable


You can have piece of mind knowing we only work with the best in the industry. We have extensive experience working with vehicles  from Hondas & Toyotas all the way to high-end vehicles like Porsches and Ferraris. 

Body Shops

With our level of professionalism, quality, and dedication, we have set the industry standard worldwide. We combine the latest techniques with cost effective services to offer a no match guarantee.


We work with insurance companies and car rental companies. We know the importance of having piece of mind; therefore, we only provide the best in the business. Rest assured knowing we take pride in what we do. 

General Public

Regardless of whether your car is brand new or a classic, its wheels play an important part in safety and looks. We can bring wheels back from the beyond or simply apply a fresh new powder coat.

We Work With You Not Against You.

Find out why more businesses trust us than our competitors. Our short lead times are sure to make your customers happy and our budget-friendly services are sure to make you happy.




Powder Coating

Chrome Plating


We stand 100% behind our work and craftsmanship while offering unbelievable prices.


We listen to our customers’ needs and address any concerns and questions they may have.


Our team of professionals only use the most advanced equipment. If we aren’t using it, it probably doesn’t exist. 

Always Striving For Perfection 

Find out why more businesses trust us more than our competitors. We are passionate about all that we do and we strive to set the industry standard every step of the way. 


Road salt, brake dust, and harsh weather spell doom for your wheels’ finish. Luckily, we have the expertise and dedication to bring those wheels back from the dead. We guarantee your wheels will look as good as new, if not better!


Even something as simple as driving over a pothole can damage your wheels. Hit a pothole or curb with enough force, and it might lead to a cracked wheel. Our expert welders can perform a quality repair and get you back on the road in no time.


A wheel that is even slightly bent can be a safety hazard. Not only can bent wheels produce a bumpy ride, they may cause mechanical problems down the road. Luckily, bent wheels can be straightened with our specialized equipment.

Powder Coating

Make your car stand out from the crowd with a fresh new powder coat. We offer full-service powder coating for your wheels. With multiple colors, finishes, and effects, we have something for everyone.  Come check them out and see them in person!

Chrome Plating

Our expert chrome platers are the best in the business. We can re-chrome your wheels or chrome plate them for the first time. Customers can choose between traditional chrome plating and PVD chrome plating.

We provide solutions 
for all your needs!

Whether you need one wheel repaired or 100, we are your go-to place. We cater to all businesses and the general public. 


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